So, What is a Meet-Cute?

October 6, 2016 · by MeetCute Events

If you have ever seen any romantic movie out there, you will have witnessed a “meet-cute”. Let’s take the movie Serendipity. The movie opens at a busy New York department store. People scurrying about to get their Christmas presents on time. The two main characters, Jonathan and Sara reach for the same pair of gloves at a mall kiosk. Their problem: there’s only one pair. The exchange led to the two at the iconic cafe, Serendipity. This is a meet-cute.

Serendipity meet-cute

A meet-cute is essentially a plot device used in films and television where the story’s lead romantic couple meets for the first time in a cute, adorable, charming way. It is a crucial point in a romantic comedy that sets the tone for the rest of the storyline. This term dates back to the late 1940s when Anthony Bucher’s mystery novel referenced two characters meeting cute.

Have you ever met someone serendipitously and felt those unexpected sparks? You’ve had a meet-cute. Meet-cutes happen every day. At the local cafe. In the park. In the grocery store.

Our Favorite Meet-Cutes in Film

We are suckers for romantic comedies over here at MeetCute Events. Here is a list of our all-time favorite Hollywood meet-cutes.

The Holiday

MeetCute Events was actually named because of this scene in this flick, starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet.

Love Actually

When Natalie meets the British Prime Minister, played by Hugh Grant, for the first time, we couldn’t stop laughing. Hugh was hooked, and so were we.

The Sandlot

Probably one of the most creative meet-cutes, Squints take matters into his own hands to finally meet his dream girl, the lifeguard.

You’ve Got Mail

While technically not the first meeting between these two characters played by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, we love this coffee shop scene. It’s just so darn cute. F-O-X.

Singin’ In The Rain

Witty, funny and adorable, this scene with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds is the perfect meet-cute.

Meet-Cutes in Real Life

Think a meet-cute is only for the movies? Think again. Thanks to BuzzFeed, we have a collection of stories of meet-cutes in real life, from band camp to laundromats. See the list here. And if you need some more gushy stories, here’s a few more real-life meet-cutes.

Do you have a meet-cute story? Share it with us!


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